The story of Kampfar starts in 1994. After saying farewell to this former band Mock, Dolk decides to found a new band. With a new guitarist he starts to write new material. The First songs were soon released at the album “Kampfar”. Followed very soon by a second album. The music is leaning on folk as well as black metal. The third album was much darker an more emotional. Kampfar moved away from the folk, more towards classical Music, but still deeply rooted in black metal. After this the band almost disappeared. A large period of inactivity due to personal circumstances came. In 2003 the band is able to pick things up again. The line-up was completed and they began to write again. In 2005 they release another album. Their style at this point can be described as pagan folklore metal and is meant to be very loud and raw.


“Mare”-interview (2011)



Promo (Demo 1995)
Kampfar (EP 1996)
Mellom Skogkledde Aaser (1997)
Norse (EP 1998)
Fra Underverdenen (1999)
Kvass (2006)
Heimgang (2008)
Mare (2011)
Djevelmakt (2014)
Profan (2015)
Ofidian’s Manifest (2019)

Borknagar & Kampfar (2016)
Ragnarök 2014
Black Path Tour 2011
Ultima Ratio 2008