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Everybody know the story of “The Lord of the Rings”. Millions know “the middle earth”. But only a few people know of the crystal mountain. Some of them know there’s a spot called “Stone Woods” or “Stone Forest” where a druid lives, lending his name to this place. Or Kivimetsän Druidi in Finnish. Good and evil fight their eternal battle for power and stuff which can gather power. In 2002 two Finnish boys decide they’re done with playing covers and decide to write their own songs. During some jam-sessions they write their first folk-metal song. They call their project Kivimetsän Druidi because the lyrics of their first song are based on a book one of them is writing. It will become the concept of the band. Just like their Finnish colleagues of Battlelore who have Lord of the Rings as their main theme, Kivimetsän Druidi’s lyrics are about this Druid of this stone wood and the lands of the crystal mountain. In 2005 they release an EP. And there’s more to come. In 2008 they release their first full length with some nice old songs and some new ones. They have quite a sound of their own with besides the metalvoice also a clear female voice. They call it Rock’n’Troll themselves.


The Return of the Kivimetsan Druidi (2016)

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Kristallivuoren maa (Demo 2003)
Taival (Demo 2004)
Mustan Valtikan Aika (EP 2006)
The new Chapter (Demo 2007)
Taottu (EP 2008)
Shadowheart (2008)
Betrayal, Justice, Revenge
The Lost Captains (EP 2016)

Paganfest 2011
Finnish Fire Tour 2008
Ultima Ratio 2008



Not Active