From the ashes of Shaman was Korpiklaani (people of the forest) born, there was chosen for this name because of the change in musical style and lyrics. The purpose was to move away form the craft-full impulsive folk metal, as it can be heard on the two albums of Shaman, towards a more broadly accepted sound. Jonne Jarvela imagined the sound should be characterized more from the traditional Finnish folk melodies and metal. He started a search for musicians which could realize the sound he had in mind. Shaman was Jonne’s way to express his insanity, but this didn’t change with Korpiklaani. A lot of songs come directly from the annals of Finnish Folk archives, but are reanimated with metal. Their debut-album “Spirit of the Forest” contains mysterious enchanting instrumental compositions, but also humppa songs. In 2005 they found an accordionist to give their music more atmosphere on stage. A couple of changes in the line-up followed because not everybody could bring the time and energy Korpiklaani needed. With “Tales along the Road” they make for the first time an album with more Finnish lyrics, a logical step. The band got huge with this one and becomes a welcome guest al big festivals like Wacken. An evening with Korpiklaani is an unforgettable feast with big pits, where you can forget your dayly sorrow. At this point they’re one of the big folk-metalbands.
In 2011 they have to change their violist. But with the following album ‘Manala’ there also another change. It looks like the band doesn’t like their ‘drinkingsongs’ anymore, something with which they became a big name. But nonetheless, people all over the world love this band.