kot bayn

The official birth of the band is 2011. The group, according to the fabulous name, appeared hazy ideas of two Kot’s – Kot (part-Prince) Andrianov – current bassist and guitarist Kot (also a savvy hero) Morozov.
Soon, the group has a new guitarist named, however, finding the most important component of the group – vocals – made participants nervous. After all, according to the title and theme of the team, needed a fabulously talented and wonderful, beautiful voice. Finally, it was found.
Fortunately, as a team, “kittens” immediately formed a creative work environment, which certainly helped to establish friendly relations between members. In a short time, however in the home were recorded their first demo, “Warriors of Arkona.”
After some thought, and the search for the group comes piper Paul.
After several concerts due to creative differences the band had parted ways with their guitarist.
After this vocalist Olga, leaves the band for family reasons.

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Было время (EP 2013)
Kikimora (Single 2013)
Fakel zhizni (Single 2014)
Siln’eye Zla (2016)
Kot Bayn (EP 2019)