Krayenzeit’s roots go back to the late 90’s and the beginning of the new millennium, a formation was formed under the name “Feanor”, which formed the direct predecessor band of Krayenzeit. After two years, however, “Engel” (including “Saidian”), Jo Lappel and Alex Reichert separated after the dissolution of the band.
Almost exactly 10 years later, all three sat in Esslingen with a beer and they decided to finally record the old songs of “Feanor” in good quality. Chris Zoschke (“Epiphora”, “Scars for Proof”) and Martin Daniel (“Karkadan”, “Lifthrasil”, “Scars for Proof”) joined the old band and completed the preliminary project in autumn 2011.
However, this project quickly became a new and serious band. New songs were written and the old ones completely reworked. With Karin Bußmann on the violin and Julia Groth, the band strengthened and gave itself the name “Krayenzeit”.
The year 2016 started with the intense work of the band on the second album “Tenebra”. Some of the songs were successfully presented to fans in major festivals such as the WGT, the Fire Dance Festival, the Burgfolkfestival and Wacken in spring and summer.
The band has quite a diverse repertoire, Medieval Rock, folk-rock, ballads. But medieval melodies are the inspiration for the most of them.

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Auf Dunklen Schwingen (2015)
Tenebra (2016)
Von Mond und Schatten (2017)
Saitentänzer (2019)
W.I.R. (EP 2019)
Staub & Tränen Teil 1: Aus der Asche (2021)




Not Active