The Batavian band KromleK is founded in 2004. After they completed their line-up, there were new possibilities in their style and sound. Their sound changed from black metal to Viking Metal. Because of the fact the mix of Norse and bombastic Viking metal, combined with their urge to take experiments (Arabic melodies with Finnish Humppa for instance) KromleK got loose from the mark “just a pagan-band). The lyrics are in German, English and Swedish and are about mythology, philosophical stories and funny stories about Trolls. In 2005 they released a début EP. The band had some changes in the line-up, and signed with Trollzorn. This resulted in 2007 in a full length album. The band seemed to have made a giant step forward, they became more serious and more epic.
In 2010 there was a quiet period followed by a change of style. They now called it Urban Folk-metal. But after the release of Finis Terræ in 2011 the band broke up.

kromlek logo



Kveldridhur (2005)
Strange Rumours… Distant Tremors (2007)
Hard as Iron 5 (Split DVD/Video 2008)
Finis Terræ (2011)



Not Active