Kylfingar is the very first Hungarian band performing Nordic folk metal. The band started as Asgard but then they chose Kylfingar because it is unique and has a Hungarian connection. Kylfings – original plural Kylfingar – was a group of Scandinavian origin, their name means “macemen” (mace, war cudgel=kylfa in Old Norse). They wandered and raided Eastern Europe with the Eastern Vikings or Varangians in the 9-11th centuries and a part of them was hired as auxiliary warriors by Kiev, Byzantium and Hungary. Hungarians knew them as Kölpények. According to the chronicles, the legendary Hungarian chief in the 10th century, Botond (his name means “maceman” in Old Hungarian) was of Kylfing origin – he beat the champion of the Byzantines, the “Greek giant” and smashed in the gate of Constantinople with his weapon…
The band was founded in 2012. The topics are mostly connected with Scandinavian mythology, history and culture. And the biggest influences are such Nordic and folkish bands as Ensiferum; the good old Finntroll; the masters of excellent melodies, Equilibrium and the veteran Amon Amarth.
The first album, “Halhatatlanok” (“Immortals”) will be released in 2013.



Észak Népe (Promo EP 2013)
Halhatatlanok (2014)
Világok határán (2018)