land of fog

Born in 2006, in the city of Carlos Barbosa Serra Gaucha in Brazil. A city colonized by Europeans, mainly Italians and Germans, that people who settled in this region due to the weather, remembering their countries of origin. This reason, the inspiration for the name of the horde.
In the compositions, they express the respect and honor for Mother Earth, by customs and wisdom of their ancestors, musically and lyrically focused on style Epic Pagan Metal. Over time, there were two more members strengthening the work.
In 2007, launches its first independently-run demo, entitled Mother Land, composed hymns with six Gentiles.
In 2009, along with five other bands (Thorns of Evil, Mythical Winter, Warmachine, Storm and Eternal Winter Lone Wolves) is released more independent work, the split “Southern Warrior’s Union”, where each has two compositions.
In 2012 they release their first album ‘Heathen Tales’.



Mother Land (Demo 2007)
Southern Warriors Union (Split 2009)
Heathen Tales (2012)
Through the Storms of Time (Split 2018)
Morbid Enigmas (2020)