Lándevir was born in the city of Elda (Alicante), in 1998, when three members of a previous group met again to embark on a new project, this time of melodic heavy metal.
In 2000, the quintet acquired the name Rivendell, and a flutist joined the group to complement the Celtic violin melodies, closing the first stable line-up of the people from Alicante and which would continue for the first two albums.
In 2001 they recorded their first and only demo, entitled “El Único”

This demo got very good reviews, which meant that a number of orders began to arrive from many parts of Spain. One of them was from a record company that became interested in Rívendell and offered them their first record deal at the end of 2001.
It was at this time that the group considered registering its name and when it decided to change it to the current one, Lándevir. In 2002, they entered the Sónica studios to record what would be their first official album. Therefore, from September to December, they gave shape to that album, which would finally be released under the name “Medieval Legends”.

In 2010 the decides to stop the band due to all kinds of reasons, But members keep seeing each other and so it was decided to play at Leyendas del rock for their 15th anniversary. From there on activities were picked up again.

After the great experience of having participated in the 2013 edition of Leyendas del Rock, Lándevir returns to rehearsals, to work, to composition … But it was not until June 2016, when they announced the incorporation of their new singer (Jose Mancheño), when he really returns

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Leyendas Medievales (2003)
Suenos Celtas (2006)
Inmortal (2008)
Desde el silencio (2018)