Legacy of Silence

Legacy of Silence was born in the summer of 2014, from a union of ideas between the three founders.
The goal is immediately clear: to combine the strong love for fairy tales and the land of the singer with the will of the guitarists to create a new genre, melodic and technical, taken to extremes by the powerful deathcore rhythm.
The first line-up in 2015 released the two singles While Obscurity Fills my Eyes and Return to The Forest, in which he decided to experiment with the use of the hurdy-gurdy.
A few months after the release of the pieces the keyboardist, leaves the project.
Exactly one year later, after several dates in Turin and several mishaps due to continuous changes of members, the band released two new singles: Hopeless Land and Haunt the world.
Shortly after the release of the pieces, due to different visions, the drummer and bassist left the training.
Yet another blow to the group, which suffers a setback lasting more than six months.
In the meantime the music composed by the band suffers strong stylistic contamination thanks to the entry in the project of Luca Capurso, transverse flute, that with his technique and compositional knowledge gives a completely new dimension to the pieces produced by the group.
In the late winter of 2017 a new drummer joins the band, which like the spring wind pushes the band towards new goals: in seven months the Legacy of Silence record, completely self-producing, the first EP ‘Nightfall’.
The Legacy of Silence continue to compose and play throughout Piedmont, trying to expand beyond the homeland to bring as many people as possible their stories, daughters of our forests, daughters of our land, daughters of our most ancient fears.

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Nightfall (EP 2017)
Our Forests Sing (2019)