Lemuria was founded in 1999. A first demo ‘The Vault of the Witness’ was recorded in 2002 entitled.
After winning competitions and supporting major metal acts ‘Tales, Ale & Fire’ released in. An independent production with an unique sound within the Belgian metal scene. Held in the same vein as Finntroll, Ensiferum, Thyrfing, Bal Sagoth and even Rhapsody.
This release brought fame and fans and the band get to play thoughout Flanders headlining and supporting big names as Korpiklaani.
The group was put on hold in August 2006 but exactly two years later Lemuria was reborn, their desire was to deliver a positive new sound that still embraced their folk metal roots.
With this new incarnation, the sextet continued to write new music and started performing again in late 2008. But the journey continues – and a whole new concept album was in the works; ‘Chanson de la Croisade’.
Mixing heavy music with orchestral elements, bombastic scores and daring instrumental and symphonic passages, Lemuria’s is an unique Belgian band.


Flemish passion (2012)

Lemuria logo



The Vault of the Witness (Demo 2002)
Tales, Ale and Fire (2005)
Chanson de la Croisade (2010)
The Hysterical Hunt (2019)

Baldrs Releasefest (2017)
Lemuria & Druantia (2012)
BUT Filmfestival (2012)
Drakkarfest 2012