les alabres

When two beer lovers meet in 2006 Les Alabres is born.
In 2007 a second guitar is added and a first demo was recorded. When a guitarist left in 2008 the band decided to go on with only one guitar and develop a folk atmosphere on stage.
In 2008 a lot of concerts are played and a “folk”-musician on the accordion and flutes is added. In 2009 female clean vocals and a second guitar are added, which changes their style again. In the beginning they lyrics were on the dark Medieval side but after the line up changes it become more festive Folk.

Les Alabres logo



La Peste (Demo 2007)
Couché Tard (EP 2011)
Blanche Biche (EP 2013)
Ballade de Merci (2014)
Le Roy Englois (2017)