lex talion

Lex Talion was born as a single-person studio project, which was originally directed more into Symphonic Doom Metal with Medieval features.
Lex Talion changed throughout time and acquired a different dynamic. A Bass Guitar joins the project and finally a guest singer does the same, complementing the project with a vigorous style.
Their musical composition shows a wide variety of influences, classic Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, and some elements of Death Metal, also presenting a Symphonic style with a certain Folk influence.
Lyrical themes are also varied: social concerns (disguised as metaphors), pagan themes, Nordic Mythology and spiritual themes.



Blood & Mead (EP 2012)
Funeral in the Forest (2012)
Death to the King! (Single 2013)
Nightwing (EP 2017)
Sons of Chaos (2018)