The history of Litvintroll starts in 2005. Their vision to create medieval music drove a bagpiper and a percussionist to each other. After a year and a lot of gigs there were some changes in the line-up. There are also some changes in their style and philosophy.
The band is spending a year on writing and a search for kind spirits. This resulted in the expression of their attraction rock’n’roll and the influences of the traditions of their own people. But also their desire for the sound of the medieval bagpipe, filling the hearts of their ancestors with courage, mixed with raging guitars. And the belief the earth is inhabited with trolls, longer than mankind knows. They hide themselves skillfully from us, but they’re keeping an eye on us.

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Demo 2008 (Demo 2008)
Lysy Verabej (Single 2009)
Rock’n’Troll (2009)
Czornaja Panna (2013)




Not Active