Loretta Problem was founded in 1991, well before Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly or even the Real McKenzies were out and about.

Loretta’s first recordings were released between 94-97, a couple of singles and an LP Celebrate Now. At the time the band gained plenty of attention as an awesome new band, especially for their live performances. Loretta Problem was actively touring  the venues and summer festivals all around Finland until they broke up due to personal differences in 1997.

The band reactivated in 2016, and the following year a new single Welcome To The Circus was released. Since then the band leader Hantta has been developing the band and after a few changes in the band configuration Loretta has released several new singles. The Waltz Of My Drunken Dreams was released in 2019.



Celebration Song (Single 1995)
Celebrate Now (Single 1995)
Far Away (Single 1996)
Welcome To The Circus (2017)
The Watz Of My Drunken Dream (2018)
It’s Your Bloody Fault (2019)