lou quinse

It means ‘The Fifteen” in the Francoprovençal dialect (the ancient language spoken in parts of Northern Italy, South-east France and French-speaking Switzerland), Lou Quinse was born in 2006 in Barmes (Balme).
The meaning of the name does not stop there.
The Fifteen is also the number of the Devil in the tarot cards (its is the fifteenth card) and with this name the Devil is known and called in the French-provençal and Occitan valleys.
But Lou Quinse perfectly describes the kind of music played by the band: “devilish” heavy metal, which has always been followed by accusations of being satanic, meets a tradition which has never suffered dogma and impositions.
Traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, diatonic accordion, flutes), harmonious and melodic, with the distorted and destructive energy typical of metal, where guitars, bass and drums create a sonic wall able to receive a painting of traditional songs.
Thus, boureias, rigaudons and farandole, with their light-hearted and funny lyrics, which can also become melancholic and thoughtful, meet the darkness of black metal, the power of death metal and the speed of thrash metal in an organic musical experience which has very few, if any, precedents.
In 2010, Lou Quinse starts to re-arrange old and new songs with a new line-up.

Lou Quinse Lo Sabbat



Lou Quinse (EP 2008)
Rondeau De La Forca (2011)
2013-Reissue (2013)
Lo Sabbat (2018)