Lugh is a Celtic punk band formed in 2009 in Santa Maria, Brazil. In 2010, the group released the EP “Things, music, bait … life”, bringing influences from bands like Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Fiddlers Green, Bad Religion and The Ramones. The letters do not run the themes proposed in the title: are venting about the maddening routine of the present day, where the wait for fun on weekends in the company of good friends and good old cold beer is all you want to ease your mind , body and soul … The simple poetry of Lugh transpires a common goal: have fun doing rock. And rock with influences of Celtic music, specifically the Irish, dance, where instruments such as the harmonica, banjo and violin appear enough. With original style, Lugh uses the diatonic harmonica, known harmonica point of the gauchos. Today, with new formation, the holy-Mariense group seeks spaces where fun comes first. Where there is no time to think about what came before or what will come after. It is to make this music, music that is contagious, music magnify. The pace is forward. And in Lugh there is no key to sadness.



Coisas, Musica, Ceva… Vida. (2011)
Quando os canecos batem (2014)
Histórias do Mar (2016)