The début album of the band Lumsk was released in 1993. The response of the media was very good. The sales exceeded expectations. The second album was a solid production with musicians with all kind of musical backgrounds. When you realise the band exist also of seven members it’s obvious this was a gigantic piece of work. Classical songs with strings or tracks with a horn-section. An actor declaiming lyrics and the female-choir of the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. The songs are about mythology, old stories, mythological creatures and Norse folklore.

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Åsmund Frægdagjevar (Demo 2001)
Asmund Fraegdegjevar (2003)
Troll (2005)
Nidvisa (Single 2005)
Det Vilde Kor (Single 2007)
Det Vilde Kor (2007)




Not Active