lysa gora

The Folk soul of Łysa Góra is rooted in the Slavic land it grows up in the energizing arrangements. It is difficult to clearly tag them to a single stream. They move between folk, rock and heavy metal. Most of the lyrics are derived both from the tradition of the Polish countryside and culture of their eastern neighbors.
They are not afraid to experiment and break schemes. Two strong female vocals singing based on the classic way of singing, intertwined with each other on the canvas electric guitar sounds, deep bass sound and strong drums, delicate sounds tame “przeszkadzajek” and the violin. Their performances are accompanied by the incredible energy and climate native of Bald Mountain. They released a first album ‘Toi Hola’.


Evolving All the Time (2023)



Toi Hola (2015)
Siadaj Nie Gadaj (2017)
Oj Dolo (Acoustic 2019)
W Ogniu Świat (2023)