Malasañers, is originally from Madrid, but now settled in Bamberg, Germany, which fuses traditional Irish folk music with modern influences, and in the process giving it a new twist, is a collection of working class madrileño and german musicians with the requisite Irish soul needed to bring this unique style of music to life.
With many years of collective experience in multiple styles and forms of music, Malasañers not only tip to their hat to noteworthy musicians such as The Dubliners, The Pogues, Flogging Molly and too many more to mention here, but also write and compose their own original material.
In 2013 they released their first, self-entitled, album.

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Malasañers (2013)
Welkcome to the Folk Punk Show (Compilation 2014)
Spanish Eyes (2014)
Footprints (2018)