It all started in 1995 in Norrtalje, Sweden, when three friends got the idea to found a metalband. They were convinced the main objective of this project was was to play as fast and primitive as possible with Swedish lyrics. Unfortunately their weren’t many labels got this demo and after some changes in the line-up a second demo was recorded a year later. On this demo there was a violist for the first time and female vocals. These additions gave it a Scandinavian touch. In 1997 Månegarm signed a record deal. After a change of singer they recorded a first album. When recording the second album they got rid of their singer and they had to go on as a 4-piece. This turned out to be a good thing, the only thing which changed was the violist was added to the band permanently. In 2000 the album “Havets Vargar” was finally released. After this they took a little break. After a while they wrote 11 songs and had fresh ideas how they should play Viking/Folk metal. This was another great choice because their popularity grew enormous. In 2004 they released both demo’s with the title Vargaresa – The Beginning. And after this a completely new album was recorded and the real powers of Månegarm got to the surface. Catchy Viking/Folkmetal. Eventually thing went well and they got to play at some big European festivals. Followed by the album Urminnes Havd – the Forest Session. A dream came true with this acoustic album, not the usual Månegarm, but traditional ingredients like cowbell, djembe, harp, flute, violin, acoustic guitars, choirs and clear male and female vocals, a tribute to their ancestors and Swedish mythology.
In 2010 they brake up with their bassist, and this gap is filled by their singer who’s going to combine these things. In 2011 they sign with Napalm Records. They release the album ‘Legions of the North’ with this label, an album which sounds much more mature then the rest of the albums. The violin is played by guests on this album.


Månegarm out in the Open (2019)
An Inspiration to Other Bands (2023)



Vargaresa (Demo 1996)
Ur Nattvindar (Demo 1997)
Nordstjarnans Tidsalder (1998)
Havets Vargar (2000)
Dödsfärd (2003)
Vargaresa – The Beginning (2004)
Vredens Tid (2005)
Urminnes Havd (The Forest Sessions) (EP 2006)
Genom Världar Nio (Single 2007)
Vargstenen (The Wolf Stone) (2007)
Live in Moscow (Split DVD/Video 2008)
Nattvasen (2009)
Legions of the North (2013)
Månegarm (2015)
Fornaldarsagor (2019)
Ynglin­gaättens​ Öde (2022)

Månegarm Open Air (2022)
Månegarm Open Air (2019)
North Winds over Europe (2016)
Ragnarök 2014
Cernunnos Pagan Fest 2014
Hörnerfest 2013