“There is a new and at the same time ancient music, capable of awakening the dormant souls. It is a journey that, once undertaken, could, from moment to moment, make you lose the desire to go back. In a moment you lose yourself among those notes, you find yourself suspended in midair as if you were in fog, floating just above the rough brambles, as the title of their first album alludes. The alchemy unleashed by the instruments of this band is out of the ordinary: listening to that voice of the moon and the unusual sounds taken from the hands of those strange beings come dragged away, in a surreal dimension that takes you straight into the arms of the Great Mother. This is MaterDea “.

MaterDea was born in 2008 and give life to a band characterized by a gritty rock skeleton that blends perfectly with atmospheres of mystical and dreamy flavor, perfectly supported by the voices, the violin and the keyboards, while always remaining firmly anchored to a powerful rhythm section.
The perfect synergy between the masculine and feminine parts, the stage costumes, the instruments, the musical atmospheres and the vocal intertwining contribute to making the show unique and engaging. In their first album “Below the Mists, Above the Brambles” (Capogiro Records -2009) they used the Scottish Accordionist John Whelan’s collaboration in the ballad “Another Trip to Skye”.

Materdea logo



Below the Mists, Above the Brambles (2009)
Satyricon (2011)
A Rose for Egeria (2014)
The Goddess’ Chants (2016)
One Thousand and One Nights (Single 2018)
Pyaneta (2018)




Not Active