Melechesh founded in 1992 in Jerusalem with the intention to create Raw Black Metal with an Mediterranean touch. In 1994 the line-up became stable. And a year later the First demo was recorded. After this the band came in heavy weather, authorities were searching for the band members. A year later things were cleared up and the band could go on. In 1997 the band decides to record a CD to promote their new direction. The band chooses to move to the Netherlands and France, and later a drummer from Texas joined them, but he was replaced a few years later. The folk influences in Melechesh are minimal.



As Jerusalem Burns… (Demo 1995)
The Siege of Lachish (Single 1996)
As Jerusalem Burns… Al’Intisar (1996)
Djinn (2001)
Sphynx (2003)
The Ziggurat Scrolls (EP 2004)
Emissaries (2006)
The Epigenesis (2010)
Mystics of the Pillar II (EP 2012)
Enki (2015)
As Jerusalem Burns… Al’Intisar (Re-issue 2018)