metal styx

Metal Styx was created in 2007 by Mikhail “Mr.Styx” Grudinin. The first name of this one-man-project was “Dark Mih”, several demo’s were produced.
In 2008, the project has been renamed to “Metalmih”. In the next 3 years was 8 demo releases, among them 4 albums. All music was created by software and plug-ins.
In 2011 Metalmih was renamed to Metal Styx. Regular guitars (not software) were used, and thus the emergence of a more serious attitude to creativity. It’s not even renaming, but rather rebirth – something completely new, better and more musical, than with all that before.
This was followed by the release of the EP “Чёрная полоса”, the first release for Metal Styx. It includes six tracks are very different in style.



Metal Styx Discography/
Chornaya polosa (EP 2011)
Konets mira (Single 2011)
Magicheskiy amulet (2012)
Curuvar Firtalion (EP 2014)
V glushi lesnoy (2016)




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