Metsatöll started in 1990 and creates epic heavy metal with influences form the old folklore of Estonia. About that time they also released their debut-album “Terast mis hangund me hinge” (Steel which lies frozen in our souls). In 2000 a friend of them became a member of the band. This friend Varulven had learn himself to play a number of Estonian folk-instruments. From that moment Metsatölls music became woven with old-Estonian runo-singing and traditional melodies. In 2001 had a difficult time because the bassist decided to leave the band, and it took some effort to fill in this space. But they manage to release another album the year after. This one draw a lot of attention on the media, they were talking about true Estonian spirit, destroying the negative effects of English language and the rebirth of folklore. In 2004 they put the ages of rage, resistance and a iron will to become free in their album.
In 2012 a CD/DVD with the live registration of their concert in Tuska is released.