Midnattsol was founded in 2002 by their guitarist and singer, founded on their mutual interest in Norse mythology. Like-minded people were found and shortly after they recorded a first demo. They soon got fans, publicity and a record-deal. Their debut album took the listener along on a journey through a dark, mysterious and misleading Scandinavian landscape. With a fragile female voice which forms a nice combination with the hard guitar lines. This album resulted in more fans among Gothics as well as Metalheads. The Northernlight (in Norwegian: Nordlys) has always been a part of myths, sagas and legends. Warriors fighting a bloody battle in the sky, of the ghosts of the death playing games? Are these coloured lights the wrath of the god of are they a sign of his protection? Maybe this are the souls of unborn children, ancient heralds or the remains of ancient warriors. With the album “Nordlys” is Midnattsol more metal and folk orientated then they were ever before. But one thing can be said for sure with this album this six-piece have put down a style of their own.


Midnattsol, Nordic Folk and Chocolate (2018)

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Midnattsol (Demo 2003)
Where twilight dwells (2005)
Nordlyss (2008)
The Methamorphosis Melody (2011)
The Aftermath (2018)

Leaves’ Eyes – Meredead Tour (2011)




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