Instead of accepting the cruel tale of infidelity and a child born out of wedlock and sentenced to solitude, misery, and death at the hands of a tyrant father of the original Minotaur tale, Minotaur’s Redemption has a vision of a different tale, full of hope, retribution, and reclamation. They seek to write a new history, casting light on the wickedness and folly of King Minos and offering a chance for redemption for the unwanted, abandoned son. One where, instead of being imprisoned and only to be slain by some Greek prince, the minotaur breaks free from his confines and inflicts his wrath upon those who would exile him to the shadowy stone corners of the labyrinth with the might of a raging bull and the anger of one who was wrongly imprisoned.
This band from the USA was founded in 2009 and released a first EP in 2014.



Minotaur’s Redemption (EP 2014)
Bringer of Fire (Single 2014)




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