The mythical Minotaur, half man, half bull, of Greek mythology, has made its way to the lower regions of the Main river in Bavaria and, apparently having stolen fifteen thunderbolts from Zeus himself, is about to hurtle them on the musical scene. “The Call” is the eighth release by the six-pack who call themselves Minotaurus and it is much heavier and more intricate than its predecessor. Despite that, the lads have not lost sight of their musical roots and continue on their stony path as they always have done. “The Call” is a competently arranged mixture of Folk, Metal and an unmissable touch of individuality. Minotaurus work under the motto “Discover the new but keep the best of the old”. something that shows the wisdom and foresight in view of the long history of the band. It is precisely in the sphere of Folk Metal, in which fans relate very explicitly with certain bands, where credibility counts for a lot. So it is thanks to this outlook that the sextet has been able to hugely extend their fan base. “The Call” is certain to take the band a big step forwards, strengthen their already established foundation and leave behind musical tracks in the field of this genre.

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The First Labyrinth (Demo 1997)
Dragonbone Throne (Demo 1998)
Path Of Burning Torches (1999)
Carnyx (EP 2001)
The Silent Cave (EP 2003)
Myth or Reality (2004)
The Lonely Dwarf (2009)
The Call (2013)
Insolubilis (2016)
Victims of the Underworld (2019)