Mithotyn found in 1992 was called Cerberus at first. In 1993 they changed their name into Mithotyn. The line-up was completed and their first demo was recorded. In 1994 Helene joint the band and a second demo was recorded. After another change in the line-up a third demo was recorded, after which Helene left the band again because of different musical ideas. The band had drawn the attention of several labels at that time, but didn’t sign a contract with any of them. Instead they recorded a fourth demo. This one caught the attention of other labels and they released a First album. This tasted good and there were soon two more albums. After this the band decided to break up.

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Behold The Shields Of Gold (Demo 1993)
Meadow Of Silence (Demo 1994)
Nidhogg (Demo 1995)
Promo 96 (Demo 1996)
In The Sign Of The Ravens (1997)
King Of The Distant Forest (1998)
Gathered Around The Oaken Table (1999)



Not Active