The history of the band Mjød originates from November 2015, when the current guitarist and vocalist Jordleif and drummer Sigurd decided with new strength and motivation to do music. Soon they were joined by Severin’s bass player and guitarist Bercy. Actually, the band’s birthday is considered February 13, 2016, because that’s when the first full-fledged composition was gathered, and songs on Scandinavian subjects began to appear. In the further, Severina left the band, having found a worthy substitute – the current bass player Orma. In April 2017 Randgrid joined the band, adding a folk component to the sound.
The name of the group is translated from the Norwegian language as a mead, which is a reference to the saga of the honey of poetry, a drink made with doors from the blood of Kvasir, the creations of the Ases and Alves. Drunk this drink was endowed with an immense talent for creativity.
The lyrics of the group tell about the old epochs, but often have a strong connection with modern realities.
In 2017 the debut full-length album “Ashes of Time” was released.



Northern Pride (Single 2016)
Pervaya krov’ (EP 2017)
Zov iz proshlogo (Single 2017)
Pepel Vremon (2017)
Plamya (2018)
The Whisper of the Last Winter (2020)