Mondvolland started in winter 2004/2005. The idea was to mix extreme (black) metal with Dutch folkmusic. Their hard sound was put in perspective with midtempo songs with folk as a main influence. In 2009 things are goings smooth when their drummer leaves the band. But in 2010 the band is working again.
In 2012 the brand releases the EP ‘Pestvogels’ as a free download. The reason for this is, the band wants to move to Black Metal and want their listeners to get used to this. has to draw the same conclusion after listening to this album and have decided this band shall not be followed anymore, because it lacks folk influences from now on.

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Nederland Netherlands


De Roep der Gevallen Helden (Demo (2007))
Repetitie demo (Demo) (2008)
…daar naast de Urthensula!(EP) (2009)
D’Olde Roop (2010)
Pestvogel (free download EP) (2012)
Kwade vaart (2014)
Elemental Nightmares – III (Split 2014)

Waylander + Mondvolland



Not Active