Moonsorrow was founded in 1995 in Helsinki, Finland. A little later they describes their music as “epic heathen metal”, Between 1996 and 1998 Moonsorrow recorded four demo’s, two of that disappeared. As a result of the remaining demo’s Moonsorrow got a small group of fans, which lead to a record-deal. Until that point the band had worked with a drumcomputer, but they were of the opinion they needed a real drummer now.
In 2001 they entered the studio to record a first real album. And they took of easy with 5 gigs in that same year. Shortly after this the band became definitively a five-piece formation. After a lot of CD’s and gigs, the band decided to record “Tulimyrsky” (firestorm) in 2007, an idea which lived inside their heads for a long time. The song lasts for almost 30 minutes, and didn’t fit in any album they released before, it was one of the bands very best tracks ever recorded.