In 1998 Morgenstern started. All members came from the folk-metal band Lasterbale, only the singer came from a punkband. The started after an ‘In Extremo’ gig, an unknown band in those days. They had soon a large number of fans and after a demo there was soon a record-deal with Napalm Records. After some problems in the line-up the band became stable again. But the second album wasn’t a great success and the band went back to their rehearsal room and took some music lessons. The band was determined to get successful. Fortunately the reviews were better this time and the ship Morgenstern could sail ahead. In 2004 the band was invited to tour through Mexico, the band-members couldn’t believe their ears. They recorded an album before the tour, and started on a fabulous tour. But how fabulous this tour was, times were going bad for them afterwards and they fell apart. Two members kept the name and formed a new band. These new musicians had a completely different style and a Medieval Rock band became a heavy metal band. They recorded nothing for a long time and were only doing live gigs. Then another change in the line-up took place causing a feel a new fresh wind in the band. They went back to the studio and recorded songs enough for 4 CD’s.
After a while it was time for a reunion and so Morgenstern found themselves playing with the original line-up again.

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Hexenhammer (Demo 1998)
Operie Femina (Demo 1999)
Feuertaufe (2000)
Heute ist die Rache mein (2001)
Rausch (2002)
Fuego (2004)
Geister (2009)




Not Active