Born in 2006, Moriquendi is Alexandre Bouteiller’s solo project (ex The Oath) . The same year, a demo entitled “Kingdom under trees” was released in a old school black metal vein. 3 years later, in 2009, “At the end of the tempest” was released. Based on Celts and Scandinavians mysticisms and selected literatures, this first EP includes new sonorities like folk and medieval elements. The very first digital Moriquendi’s EP named “Nivlennus”, was released with the same original and very particular vein in 2012.
The same year, a duo was born with the coming of Rémi Pillon as new drummer. In the same time, the band was quoted twice in two very specialized books as “Manuel de zoologie métallique, Les curiosités de la planète Metal” by Sylvain Jerome, édition Camion Blanc and “Folk Metal. Dalle origini al Ragnarök” from the Italian author Fabrizio Giosue, Crac Edizioni.
In 2015, the new track “And Falls The Rain…”, hitted the world with very goods feedbacks and comments from many metalheads through the main social networks.
Later, the band is still growing with the arrival of Félix Joguet (Also in Malepeste) at bassguitar and violin to mark a new turning point at Moriquendi…



Kingdom Under Trees (Demo 2007)
At the End of Tempest (EP 2009)
Nivlennus (EP 2012)
Kanopëa (2016)
From Depths to the Stars (EP 2023)