Morok was initially founded in 2004 in Germany as a side project of two longstanding musical companions Tur and Berstuk, who were connected with common Russian ancestry as well. Relation with their own cultural roots was the main driving force of the musical work based on Black Metal principles and steeped into some elements of Slavonic folklore. The band’s steady gaze is directed towards the pre-Christian epoch of fascinating rawness and natural mystic which gone away in the world of nowadays.
When a drummer joined in, the project grew up to a live band and played concerts in 2007. At the same time, the 1st demo “In the Forests of Slavia” was recorded and released in 2008. After some time, the 2nd demo “By a Maelstrom of Thawed Brooks” was recorded, which contained preparatory tracks for the 1st full-length-album, but, unfortunately, after this release Tur and Berstuk were forced to look for new band members.
After a lean 3-year spell they came back in 2012 with renewed and live-proved line-up and played a couple of concerts in Germany. At the same time recording session of the new album was started, which was released in 2013.



Promo ’07 (Demo 2007)
In the Forests of Slavia (Demo 2008)
…by a Maelstrom of Thawed Brooks… (Demo 2009)
Fiery Dances of Dying (2013)




Not Active