The band Motanka was created in 2015 in Lutsk by four musicians.
The band took second place on W:O:A Metal Battle 2018.
In 2018 they signed a contract with Napalm Records. The first, self-entitled album was released in 2019.
The band has played on numerous festivals in Poland, Germany and Ukraine.

The band plays in the genre called “mystic metal” and uses traditional Ukrainian instruments — dulcimer and ocarina. By combining ethnic motives, metal music and modern electo- sounds Motanka reminds listeners the ancient times and shows different rituals from the past. The atmosphere of their performance is mystical, the music sends people to some kind of “trance”.
The name Motanka comes from the traditional Ukrainian kniting doll motanka, that ancient Ukrainians used for protection and for communication with ancestors.

Motanka logo



Motanka (2019)