Myrath (which means Legacy) is a Metal band from Tunis-Tunisia, what started out as a teenager cover band (named at the time Xtazy).
After spending the first four (4) years playing exclusively covers of their favorite bands (mainly DEATH and SYMPHONY X), the band gained enough experience to start writing its own music.
To this respect they started by changing the band name from Xtazy to MYRATH then in December 2006 they recorded the album “Hope” with Kevin Codfert as sound engineer and producer.
This album was a turning point in Myrath carrier as the band was signed by the French label Brennus-Music, who released “HOPE” worldwide in September 2007. (Thus Myrath became the first Tunisian metal band to be signed by an international label)
The follow up album ‘’DESERT CALL’’ which was officially released on January 25th 2010 in Europe by the major French labels XIII Bis Records (Sony distribution) and in the rest of the world by the prestigious American Label Nightmare Records was a second turning point in Myrath carrier in terms of improved notoriety ,increased fan base as well as a wider interest of the media and promoters.
‘’DESERT CALL’’, which offers a new style of Progressive Power Metal consisting of a mix between traditional Tunisian music and metal enhanced by a balanced Arabian and western orchestration.

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Hope (2007)
Desert Call (2010)
Tales of the Sands (2011)
Oriental Metal Compilation (2012)
Legacy (2016)
Shehili (2019)
Double Face (2019)
Sweden Rock (Live 2019)
Live in Carthage (Live 2019)