Myrkvedr is a folk/viking metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, which was founded in 2010. The bands name comes from the old norse language and means “Dark Forest” and is the forest in the nordic mythology that acts as a border between Asgaard and Muspelheim. In 2011 there were changes in the line up, but the new guitarist was just in time to be able to play on the first demo-record “Tryms Kväde”. Followed by another line-up change, but this don’t keeps this band form working on a first full lenght album. After this album ‘Sons of Muspell’ the band goes on hold for a while to come back in 2016 with a new EP.



Tryms Kvâde (demo EP)
Sons of Muspell (2013)
Tvenne Korpar (EP 2016)
Gengångare (2021)