Negură Bunget was active as Wiccan Rede from 1994-1995 (as Wiccan Rede). Afther this the band is known as Negură Bunget, a black metal band from Timișoara, Romania whose atmospheric sound incorporated elements of progressive metal and Romanian folk music.
Negură Bunget’s history is pretty divisive in its lineup changes. Initially formed as Wiccan Rede in 1994 before morphing into Negură Bunget as a duo of Negru and Huppogramos. Sol Faur then joined the ranks in 1998 to create the “classic” trio that would release the “classic” albums. This lineup would dissolve in 2009 and Huppogramos and Sol Faur would go on to form Dordeduh, while Negru would recruit a new lineup to continue the Negură Bunget name. That lineup would implode a bunch of times too, but would reach a pretty stable form in 2013. Negru would embark on creating a “Transylvanian Trilogy” and release two of those with said lineup before passing away in 2017. The remaining lineup recorded the final album in the trilogy based on demos left over.
Negură Bunget was responsible for the start of the folk-metal scene in Romania.



Zîrnindu-să (1996)
Promo 98 (Demo 1998)
Sala Molksa (EP 1998)
Măiastru sfetnic (2000)
‘n crugu bradului (2002)
Scream of the Eastern Lands (Split 2003)
Trilogy (Boxed set 2004)
Sala Molksa / From Transilvanian Forest (Compilation 2004)
Inarborat kosmos (EP 2005)
Om (2006 0 (88%)
Negură Bunget Box Boxed set 2008
From Transilvanian Forest Compilation 2008 1 (95%)
Măiestrit Full-length 2010 3 (82%)
Vîrstele pamîntului Full-length 2010 6 (83%)
Focul viu Live album 2011 1 (90%)
Poartă de dincolo EP 2011 2 (75%)
Gînd a-prins Single 2013 1 (80%)
Tău Full-length 2015 2 (51%)
Zi Full-length 2016 1 (40%)
Zău Full-length 2021




Not Active