natural spirit

The foundation of the Ukrain band Natural Spirits is made in 1997, starting with black metal. From this band a project grows out to a full-grown band playing pagan and folk-metal. The name is changed in Natural Spirit.
In 1999 a demo is recorded, followed by many concerts. After some changes in the line-up the band is complete again in 2003. But after a debut album the line-up is not stable. But with the album ‘Sita Rosa’ a female singer is added to the band, which is a beautiful change to their sound. Natural Spirit is making Slavic folk-metal.

Natural Spirit logo



Star Throne (Demo 1999)
Русколунь (2004)
Sita Rosa (2008)
The Price of Freedom (Ціна Свободи) (2011)
Pid Serpom Chasu (2020)