Nemoreus is playing a mixture of Folk-, Black-, Pagan- and Death Metal. The alternation between soft, clean vocals and strong, guttural sounds, form one of the core concepts on our vocal front.
The use of traditional Folk Instruments such as Low Whistle, Irish Bouzouki or Fiddle in a special blend with more traditional Metal instruments, such as E-Guitars and Bass, lead to a unique sound, which can both be soft and sweet like the scent of spring or harsh and bitter like a snowstorm in the deepest Winter. The Band was formed in 2016. Close to nature as the band is, the lyrics reflect the destructive nature of humanity. Since the beginning of all time humanity has been gnawing on the veins of mother nature. But there has always been the element of the unknown. The unseen. The silent watcher in the forest. Who does not interfere with history, but tells the stories. Of old warriors, reclaiming their lands taken, or of ancient ghosts, waiting for lone wanderers seeking to devour their souls. All things that have happened, forever kept in silence. Of which no one has ever spoken of. And of those, Nemoreus tells the stories.


Interview win Nemoreus (2019)

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Demo (Demo 2018)
Silent Watcher (EP 2018)
Arnea (2021)
Orcunadoras – Chapter one: Warrior (EP 2023)
Orcunadoras – Chapter two: Wanderer (EP 2023)
Orcunadoras – Chapter three: Rogue (EP 2023)
Orcunadoras – Chapter four: Hermit (EP 2023)
Orcunadoras (2023)