Netherfell is a folk metal band from Cracow, Poland, which started in 2008. They use elements of old-time and ethnic music (slavonic, celtic, german and so on) and traditional istruments such as bagpipes, gusle, tin whistle or balalaika. They blend this folkelements with melodic death metal and symphonic music.
In the early years the band’s line-up was changing instantly. Breakthrough begins in 2013 when band started to record a demo. Meantime the band was joined by a singer and a bagpipes-/tin whistle-/guitarplayer). The demo named “Okryte Zapomnieniem ” (eng.”Enveloped by Oblivion”) was released in the same year.



Okryte Zapomnieniem (demo 2013)
Between East and West (2015)




Not Active