Ngutram is a Folk Metal band hailing from Santiago, Chile. It originates in 2017, after its members decided to restructure and rename the band they belonged to, Ynis Afallach. The band has released a frist demo: “When the Candles Fade Off” (Demo, 2017) and an EP in 2020 “Purum Awqa”.
The name “Ngutram” is a mapuzungun (the Mapuche language) word that can be translated as a type of “epic tale”, and it’s a concept that vastly represents the band’s intentions. The themes dealt with in the band’s lyrics are based on the history and legends from diverse latitudes, with the ones that come from the native peoples of Chile standing out.

Ngutram logo



When the Candles Fade Off (Single 2017)
Purum Awqa (EP 2020)