Their adventure started in 2006 and after ten months of practising, the band was able to climb on stage. When their search started, two warriors kept on going and then tide changes. In 2007 the first EP “Helgardh” was released. After some changes in the line-up there was time at last for a full-length album. Their style has something from all kind of bands, sometimes a little Alestorm, at other moments it reminds you of Baldrs Draumar, they don’t really have a sound of their own, but it’s more a kind of mix from all kinds of known folk-metal sounds.

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Helgardh (EP 2007)
Towards Abyss (EP 2008)
Svingeheim (2009)
Quand la Gallia se
dresse (Split 2010)
Alpha (2012)
Hreidd (2014)




Not Active