Oak, Ash & Thorn

Born from a long standing musical bond between Adam Armstrong and former third guitar Nate Periat, Oak, Ash and Thorn has roots reaching back into the winter of 2008 when the two initially met and began composing songs on acoustic guitar in the tradition of European folk music heavily influenced by their years spent playing primarily in black and death metal bands.
By spring of 2014 their lineup was completed.
2016 proved to be a very trying time for the band. Adam’s involvement became less and less, and the future of the band was questionable. After much debate, Adam decided that his time in the band had come to an end.
Oak, Ash and Thorn was born of the seeds of musicians with bonds greater than friendship and the desire to create music that transcends its own instrumentation. Every member is pagan, and every member harbors a deep, intense passion for heavy metal in all of its incarnations. Blending influences from classic black and death metal with elements of traditional heavy metal and European folk music, Oak, Ash and Thorn, the name itself derived from three of the holy trees of the ancient Celts, are at once innovators and traditionalists in both sound and idea.
Their debut album “May Every Altar Linger” was released in 2018.

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May Every Altar Linger, Pt. I (EP 2014)
Headless (Single 2015)
May Every Altar Linger (2018)
To Gaze on Stars of Frost (EP 2021)