Odroerir excists since 1998. From the beginning the band intention was to create easier and more epic Music then the usual “Pagan Metal”, and folklore/medieval melodies should have a large part in their music. No double bass-drum for instance. In 1999 the band was restructured to make it possible to play live. The First demo was recorded and the First gigs were planned in 2000.
In 2001 there was a First album released. The albums “Gotterlieder” and “Gotterlieder II” are the bands’interpretations of the Edda..



Iring (Demo 1999)
Lasst euch sagen aus alten tagen…(2002)
EP (EP 2004)
Gotterlieder (2005)
Gotterlieder II (2010)
Das Erbe Unserer Ahnen (2017)

Ragnarök 2014
Black Trolls over Europe 2011
Black Troll Winterfest 2011

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