Orphaned land

Orphaned Land was founded in 1991 as “Resurrection”. In 1992 they decide to focus on the actual and cultural reality of the Middle-East and that’s why they choose to change their name in “Orphaned Land”. The band experiments with different styles and ides from over the whole world. They combine philosophical and religious concepts in their music, which is based on metal. The sky is the limit for the musical richness of Orphaned Land: they combine old folk-instruments like Sas, Kanoon, Oud, Bouzouki, 20 percussion elements and 6 languages, and this while they mix monotheistic religions. In this way they spread Judaism, Islam and Christianity in a rainbow of cultural elements. In 1993 they release a demo, after which they get to sign a recorddeal. A year later there’s a first album. After the second album they also receive offers from bigger labels. Due to personal circumstances and the difficult life in Israel the bands has a very low activity for 6 years. They call this period ‘Calm before the Storm’, after this things are going well for the band again.


A Big Shout Out (2018)

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The Beloveds cry (Demo 1993)
Sahara (1994)
El Norra Alila (1996)
The Calm before the Flood (EP 2004)
Mabool (2004)
Ararat (EP 2005)
Spari (Single 2009)
The Never Ending Way of Orwarrior (2010)
The Road to OR-Shalem (DVD 2011)
The Road to OR-Shalem (2011)
All is One (2013)
Kna’an (With Amaseffer 2016)
Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs (2018)
30 Years of Oriental Metal (2021)
The Calm Before the Flood (EP 2022)
A Heaven You May Create (Live 2023)

Blind guardian tour (2015)