The history of Oskord band begins on the ruins of quite successful Ukrainian band Holy Blood. Within this band, participants Oskord worked together for about five years, during which managed to record four albums, as well as give many concerts in Ukraine and abroad.
After the situation which affected the subsequent course of events, all participants except Fedor (vocals/guitar) had to leave the band. Since no one was going to give up with the music, three members decide to find the other musicians and continue to work under the new name. The band immediately joined Andrey Yakovenko, which can be seen on the last concerts Holy Blood as a session musician playing the flute and bouzouki.
Date of birth of the band can be considered on August 11, 2008, when all the participants gathered at the first rehearsal.
In spring 2009 the band began recording their debut album. Later on in the same year a vocalist was found.
Their debut EP “The Weapon of Hope” is released in 2011.
The band uses Christian themes.

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