Otyg started in 1995 as a tribute to the old Scandinavian folk. In the beginning the band had three members, two of them from Vintersorg. They had played in a death/black metal band earlier, they got bored by this and decided to go back to their Scandinavian roots, where it’s all about harmony and melody. Vintersorg provided them with songs and the line-up was expanded with a violist.
Their demo was distributed among friends only. In 1996 they entered the studio again for a second demo. After this recordlabels were interested, but no deal was signed. It took until their third demo to sign a contract with Napalm Records. More albums followed but in 2002 they decided to quit and the last album which was already recorded was never released.

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Bergtagen (Demo 1995)
I Trollskogens Drömmande Mörker (Demo 1996)
Galdersång till Bergfadern (Demo 1997)
Älvefärd (1998)
Sagovindars Boning (1999)
Älvefärd/Sagovindars Boning (Comp. 2008)



Not Active