percival schuttenbach

Percival Schuttenbach started in 1999. The music consisted of rock and folk playing with classical, electronic and other elements.
Currently the band represents itself as the New Wave of Polish Heavy Folk, with the keywords: folk, paganity, energy.
The band also has two acoustic side-projects connected with historical reenactment.
The first one is about early medieval PERCIVAL- Slavs and Viking music. Its intention is to try to reconstruct the Early Middle Ages culture, traditions, instruments and music of Slavic and Scandinavian people, mostly on the basis of the knowledge of instruments that contemporary artists have used and archaic, pagan songs.
The second one is a II world war project – songs of Warsaw Uprising, partisans and other;
Traditional instruments of this time: accordion, mandolin, vocal.


The Only Limitation is your Imagination (2013)



Percival Schuttenbach
Moribuka (Demo 1999)
Tutmesz-Tekal (2002)
Reakcja pogańska (2009 PS)
Postrzyżyny (2012 PS)
Svantevit (2013)
Mniejsze zło (2015)
Strzyga (2016)
Dzikie Pola (2018)

Eiforr (2007)
Oh Dido (2008)
Slava (2012)
Slava! (2014)
Wild Hunt Live (2019)